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Who Does Not Love a Foot Massage?

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (228)
Who Does Not Love a Foot Massage?
We all do- except for very ticklish people. And even they might like it if they gave it to themselves.

Why does it feel so good?
Foot massage feels fantastic. No doubt about it. But why? The feet, the hands, and the scalp are filled with nerve endings. We sense our world with these places- they connect us to our surroundings and to the earth and each other. The feet are especially attuned to receiving massage because they are hidden away inside shoes all day. They also get sore from carrying us around and gravity pulling everything toward them from above.

Who can do a foot massage?
Anyone can do a foot massage. It does not take any fancy equipment. Some things that are probably at your house already will be nice to use.

What do I need to have?
First, you need to have clean feet to work with. Making the foot washing a part of the ritual can be nice. Warm wet towels are always a hit. Or you could have the person whose feet are about to get rubbed soak their feet first in a large bowl of water. This could be as fancy as you like. Basic warm water is good. Warm water with rose petals might be better. Or add some essential oils to it to make it a treat for the senses.
Make sure your nails are trimmed. Using a buffer to smooth the ends will get you extra bonus points.
Lotion- scented lotion is great. Many folks enjoy lavender. Peppermint can be quite refreshing for the feet. It makes you a bit chilled, though, so peppermint works better in the summertime.

Things to consider
Make sure your client is very comfortable. To have the person reclining, propped with some sort of support pillow bending the knees takes the pressure off the low back and allows the person to space out and relax.
Think about your ambience. Little touches make the room so much nicer- candles burning, a good aroma in the air, relaxing music playing. Making the room very nice makes your foot massage a ritual instead of a chore. Just be aware of how nice you make it, so that you are able to stay awake!
Use your whole palm in a steady way to keep from tickling someone who is sensitive. Or work through socks.

What is foot reflexology?
Many people have heard about foot reflexology and wonder… “What is that?” Reflexology is the idea of different points on the foot correlating to different body parts. It is a pseudo-science that has not been well-studied to date. The idea, though, is that the two feet together represent the body. If you place the soles of the feet next to one another, the toes makes the head; the shoulders and chest are at the balls of the feet; the stomach and intestines are in the arches, the hips and reproductive systems are in the heels. The tops of the feet have spots for the arms and legs. It is fun to think about as you give a foot massage, but avoid scaring your partner with dire predictions about their health because their feet are sensitive in some spot that supposedly correlates to an organ.