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Yoga Makes You Well

May you be filled with loving kindness, may you be well,

may you be peaceful and at ease, may you be happy.

Sun salutation2013-04-08 13.37.54

A silent film set in the woods about a girl doing yoga. :)

Namaste and Welcome!

Hi! I am Suzanne Anderson and that is me in the video above. Yoga Makes You Well is my Atlanta-based business focusing on developing balance in a changing world. I teach yoga and meditation to help calm the mind and cultivate peace through your life to effect the whole world. I offer massage therapy onsite or at my office in Decatur, GA.

Call to find out more about learning yoga and meditation and experiencing massage therapy onsite or at my office.

Rates for Private Yoga (my office has room for up to two students per class):

$65 for 60 minutes

$95 for 90 minutes

To travel to your location within the perimeter, there is a $10 travel fee for yoga.

Rates for Table Massage:

$75 for 60 minutes

$105 for 90 minutes

To travel to your location within the perimeter for massage therapy, there is a 90 minute minimum.

I also offer onsite chair massage. $75 per hour with a two hour minimum. This is an extremely popular employee appreciation activity.